Republicans bashed Obamacare, then put forth their own plan that included Obamacare goals, such as no denying coverage for preexisting conditions, or dropping insurance coverage once you get sick, the 2 most costly things in there. But they didn’t say how they would pay for it, unless you really want them to take away your right to sue when they leave a scapel in your gut during your surgury. Either you want these things and want to pay for it, or you don’t. Don’t pretend like you will repeal all the things you don’t like, and keep the most expensive parts without paying for them. Not gonna happen. Republicans certainly didn’t come up with any better plan to cut health care costs, nor did they try. They want to leave it as it was, totally broken. Either come up with a better plan that isn’t the same old, same old (let the market fix it! They’ve been doing a great job!), or shut the hell up. Oh, and another thing: if someone chooses to not have health insurance, and they need to go to the hospital, they need to pay up front. Or not get served. The average family in America pays an extra $1000 per year in higher premiums to foot the bill for these deadbeats that clog up our emergency rooms.

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