No Talk Of Tax Cuts

America is up to it’s eyeballs in debt. The Republican response is to cut taxes at every opportunity. They give lip service to spending, but in the past have only the strength to cut taxes, not spending. We need to pay off the debt. Cutting taxes does not accomplish this goal. If you spend out of control, you need to tax out of control, else the people won’t go along with the spending cuts. If you cut taxes and not spending, and put the spending on America’s charge card, eventually America goes broke. How is that patriotic?

Look at the national debt since Reagan cut taxes in 1981 without cutting spending… Notice any patterns?
For 30 years the Republican mantra has been how great tax cuts are. How you get more revenue by reducing taxes. Yada yada yada. As you can see from the graph, Republicans have been basically telling lies to buy votes to get power at all costs. These tax cuts reduce revenues and results in a massive increase in borrowing. Obviously, if tax cuts resulted in more revenue, then the graph would not look like this. If you don’t understand that, go consult the nearest 3rd grader.

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