Cut Military Spending

In 2009, the United States spent 43% of the world share on military spending. The next country, China, spent 6.6%. Does the United States really need to spend that amount on military spending? Probably not. Yet the Republicans insist on not cutting anything whatsoever from the defense budget. Instead, they increase defense spending whenever possible. Should a politician dare to suggest cuts to the military budget, he’s unpatriotic. I’ll tell you what is patriotic. Not spending the country into oblivion. We need to be economically strong to survive the long term. We cannot only make cuts to non-military spending, we need to make the hard choices as to a realistic amount to spend to defend our country. 661 billion dollars a year, and we can’t even fight in 2 dinky counties at once without walking away embarrassed afterwards. Cut 250 billion a year from this bloated elephant!

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