Free Trade Isn’t Free

OK, so you’re a big multinational conglomerate. Your ideal profit scenario is to hire folks in underdeveloped countries where you can pay them squat, and fire them when they get sick from making widgets in your sweat factory. Then you want to bring in your sub-par merchandise into a rich country, without paying duties or tariffs. This way, you can put any manufacturers producing widgets in that rich county out of business, and basically take advantage of the situation. To pull this off, you need to donate like crazy to any dominant political parties so they are afraid to challenge you. Hell, as long as you’re at it, you might as well insist on some tax breaks for all of this, right? Let’s give this ideal scenario of yours a noble sounding name, say something like, ‘Free Trade’.  But what big, rich country is stupid enough, and has corrupt enough politicians to pull this heist off? Hmmm…

Free trade was a noble experiment. Now that it’s festered it’s way into the very fabric of the American way of life, and lost us so many jobs and cost us so much, it’s time we take that dog out to the back forty, and put it out of it’s misery. Lets get those jobs back. Cheap labor may be great for mass producing great piles of junk, while piling up great profits for the multinational corporations, but it’s killing America greatly. Why do both the Democrats and Republicans keep patting themselves on the back for working on new trade agreements when it’s obvious that they are robbing America blind? Free trade isn’t free!

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