No More Subsidies or Ethanol

OK, you’re a huge conglomerate farm corporation,  and even though you already make big bucks through government handouts, er, subsidies, you of course need more money. Some other conglomerate came up with a hoax called, ‘Free Trade’, and then set up a farm in Mexico using any pesticides and chemicals they want, with workers they barely pay, without import tariffs, and they are seriously eating into your subsidy profits. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the government to make a law where someone has to buy your corn crop, and waste it as a fuel source, instead of using it for food? Damn, that would raise the price of corn way up, wouldn’t it? So even though the cost of gas would remain the same, tax payer money would subsidize it, thus actually raising the cost, and then the tax payer would be rewarded with much higher food costs! What a great idea! Lucky thing this great county of ours doesn’t have enough corrupt politicians for you to pull that heist off. Right? Doh!

Both Republicans and Democrats show up and pay homage to Iowa every four years, and Iowa farmers pretty much get to choose our presidential candidates for us. So they get their farm subsidies, we wind up with subsidized ethanol in our tanks at tax payers expense, and groan at the supermarket at the skyrocketing cost of food. OK, I know paying money to radicals in the middle east is a bad idea, but using food to make our cars go is even more wrong. This is the best idea that our politicians can come up with? Stop that! Iowa has 7 crappy electoral votes, they shouldn’t be running the country. Ignore them!

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