Enough Patriotism Hypocracy

I know plenty of folks who think America is on the wrong path. But I don’t know a soul who isn’t patriotic. You aren’t more patriotic than anyone else because you don’t want to pay taxes and you have a ‘Don’t tread On Me!’ tattoo. So why do we let our politicians get away with acting like they are more patriotic than the guy standing next to them? Occasionally one will make a speech or offer a law against flag burning, as of there is a huge problem inside of our country with that. But it sure makes that politician seem more patriotic than his opponent, doesn’t it? They aren’t more patriotic because they belong to one party and not the other. Let the issues rule, not the bullshit.

I once picked up a hitchhiker who went on and on against flag burning, how we should punish anyone burning the American flag, throw them out of the country, ect. When I finally got a word in edge wise, I mentioned that it is proper flag etiquette to burn a tattered flag. At this, the proud hitchhiker announced he had attended 3 flag burnings! He didn’t see the irony.

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