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Is the right too right, and the left too left for you? These days, most folks are voting against someone, not voting for anyone. Unfortunately, the winner seems to take his victory as some sort of mandate to actually do all the crap he promised. They never get the idea that they won the election because the voters hated the other guy more.

Every election, we get the same choice, death by hanging, or death by firing squad. We need another choice, one that isn’t just another way to execute ourselves (electrocution, anyone?), but one that frees us to live in prosperity. We will not accomplish that by starting a movement that is so far to the right of the right, nor so far left to the left, that we cause the election to fall to the opposite side of what we want, and thus kill our movement.

We need a party that is in the middle, so that getting votes doesn’t throw any elections to either side. We need a party that isn’t beholden to special interest fringe groups that gets their candidate through the primary, only to find out that this isn’t what the people want, and so now needs to figure out a way to move to the center without pissing off the base.  We need a party that starts in the middle, and ends in the middle. We need a party that can grow from one election to the next, until the Rest Of America gets the power we need for real change!

Don’t Touch Social Security
Fix The Crumbling Infrastructure
No Talk Of Tax Cuts
Cut Military Spending
Free Trade Isn’t Free
No More Subsidies or Ethanol
Gay Issues
Stop Illegal Immigration
Quit Arguing Abortion
A Better Drug Policy
Legalize War
Rethink The Fed
Enough Patriotism Hypocracy
Cut Military Spending
End Daylight Saving Time

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