America needs it’s politicians to quit spending money like it’s a drunken sailor in port after a hard year at sea. We need to look at every thing we spend money on, including military. Nothing should be off the table at this point, as our debt is over 13 trillion dollars debt and counting. One of our largest expenditures is the interest on the debt. No need to figure out which party is responsible for the spending, they both are. The party is over, now we need to clean up the spilled beer, empty the ashtrays, and mop up the floor. We need to pay off the debt. Now.

To see how the Federal Govt spends money, look at:

The Rest Of America plan works off some simple ideas for debt reduction:

1) Expel illegal immigrants so legal immigration can occur in earnest.

2) Cancel all free trade agreements.

3) Cut 250 billion a year off military spending.

4) Fine companies that outsource jobs, and use the fines for tax breaks for small businesses to hire workers on United States soil. Let’s get America working again!

5) Raise taxes if needed. America is going over a cliff. Read the section dedicated to the subject of tax cuts for reasons why this needs to be done, or else the United States is done for.

6) Not have the first party caucus in Iowa every four years. That is how you wind up with farm subsidies and ethanol. How stupid is that? Iowa looks out after Iowa. Why does Iowa have this much power? Can’t they just have their stupid caucus and have no one show up, especially the media?

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